Topographical Services

Aerograph Studio carries out all surveying and staking out operations at the service of the Technical Department in small and medium civil works, providing the engineer, architect or archaeologist with planimetric solutions in elevation, floor plan and profile of their projects, with total guarantee of precision and interpretation of terrain and architectural works. Aerograph uses LEICA GEOSYSTEMS technology in dual IR / LR distance measurement systems and GPS georeferenced positioning.

  • Civil work topography: terrain surveying and staking out in a civil project with altimetric and georeferenced curvimetric dimensioning, surface measure and cubing of ground movement; leveling; triangulated MDT edition; presentation of floor plans, side elevation, profile and section in CAD vector format.

  • Technical assistance in archaeological excavation: surveying structures and drawing vertices; georeferenced leveling; editing of vector planes with standardized discrimination of cultural and constructive phases; staking out and signaling of grids in archaeological sites.

  • Photogrammetric support: survey of support vertices in plan and elevation for the 2D restitution of orthophotoplanes (see Aerial photography) and 3D models (see 3D Photogrammetry).